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    cli: add additional user-data argument to get_fcn() · ba350a34
    Thomas Haller authored
    The function nmc_print() receives a list of "targets". These are essentially
    the rows that should be printed (while the "fields" list represents the columns).
    When filling the cells with values, it calles repeatedly get_fcn() on the
    column descriptors (fields), by passing each row (target).
    The caller must be well aware that the fields and targets are
    compatible. For example, in some cases the targets are NMDevice
    instances and the target type must correspond to what get_fcn()
    Add another user-data pointer that is passed on along with the
    targets. That is useful, if we have a list of targets/rows, but
    pass in additional data that applies to all rows alike.
    It is still unused.
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