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    settings,gsm: deprecate and stop using 'number' property · 6ed21e83
    Aleksander Morgado authored
    The 'number' property in GSM settings is a legacy thing that comes
    from when ModemManager used user-provided numbers, if any, to connect
    3GPP modems.
    Since ModemManager 1.0, this property is completely unused for 3GPP
    modems, and so it doesn't make sense to use it in the NetworkManager
    settings. Ofono does not use it either.
    For AT+PPP-based 3GPP modems, the 'number' to call to establish the
    data connection is decided by ModemManager itself, e.g. for standard
    GSM/UMTS/LTE modems it will connect a given predefined PDP context,
    and for other modems like Iridium it will have the number to call
    hardcoded in the plugin itself.
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