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    all: use NM_CACHED_QUARK_FCN() instead of G_DEFINE_QUARK() · 7d6b8bab
    Thomas Haller authored
    I think NM_CACHED_QUARK_FCN() is better because:
    - the implementation is in our hand, meaning it is clear that
      putting a "static" before NM_CACHED_QUARK_FCN() is guaranteed to
      work -- without relying on G_DEFINE_QUARK() to be defined in a way
      that this works (in fact, we currently never do that and instead
      make all functions non-static).
    - it does not construct function names by appending "_quark".
      Thus you can grep for the entire function name and finding
      the place where it is implemented.
    - same with the stings, where the new macro doesn't stringify the
      argument, which is less surpising. Again, now you can grep
      for the string including the double quoting.
    (yes, I really use grep to understand the source-code)
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