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    cli: wait for changed signal after updating a connection · a370faeb
    Beniamino Galvani authored
    In editor_menu_main(), after saving a connection we wait that the
    Update2() D-Bus call returns and then we copy the NMRemoteConnection
    instance over to @connection.
    This assumes that when Update2() returns the remote connection
    instance is already updated with new settings. Indeed, on server side
    the NMSettingsConnection first emits the "Updated" signal and then
    returns to Update2(). However, the Updated signal doesn't include the
    new setting values and so libnm has to fire an asynchronous
    nmdbus_settings_connection_call_get_setting() to fetch the new
    settings, which terminates after the Update2().
    So, to be sure that the remote connection got updated we have also to
    listen to the connection-changed signal, which is always emitted after
    an update.
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