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    examples: port dbus-glib-based examples to gdbus · 9e5ddb58
    Dan Winship authored
    Port the dbus-glib-based examples to GDBus.
    Also, don't use libnm in them at all; there's not much point in
    examples that use the D-Bus API directly if they're just going to fall
    back to libnm for the hard stuff... (And also, this avoids the problem
    that GDBus uses GVariant, while the libnm-core APIs currently still
    use GHashTables.)
    Also fix up some comment grammar and copyright style, and add emacs
    modelines where missing.
    Also rename the existing GDBus-based examples to have names ending in
    "-gdbus", not "-GDBus", since there's no reason to gratuitously
    capitalize here.
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