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    libnm-glib-vpn: add support for interactive secrets requests · cc924d8b
    Dan Williams authored
    There are three additions to the D-Bus interface for VPN plugins as
    part of this patch:
    1) ConnectInteractive(): called by NM instead of Connect() to let
    the plugin know that it can request additional secrets during the
    connection process using SecretsRequired
    2) SecretsRequired: a new signal emitted by the plugin to indicate
    to NetworkManager that additional secrets are required to connect;
    can only be called if NetworkManager initiated the connection by
    calling the ConnectInteractive() method
    3) NewSecrets(): a new method of the plugin that NetworkManager calls
    when new secrets requested by the SecretsRequired signal have been
    retrieved from secret agents
    We need new methods because agents need to be aware of the hints that
    the VPN plugins may send with the SecretsRequired signal (detailing
    the specific secrets that are required) and at this time, not all
    agents support passing those hints to the VPN plugin authentication
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