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    libnm/device-p2p-wifi: drop API that still needs consideration · 6e45cd90
    Thomas Haller authored
    Having synchronous API is wrong, or at least questionable.
    Granted, libnm isn't currently very good about the exact order
    of things to happen. However synchronous API by design delays events
    while waiting for the response and hence messes up the ordering.
    Maybe synchronous API should not be added to libnm.
    Or at least, if we have synchronous API, we certainly need an asynchrnous
    variant as well (which is still missing).
    As synchronous API is not preferred, it should also be named
    nm_some_thing_sync(), accompanied by nm_some_thing() and
    nm_some_thing_finish(). The name for the synchronous method should be the
    odd one and we shouldn't have an nm_some_thing_async(). Yes, libnm is not
    consistend about that.
    I am going to drop this API for the moment.
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