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    libnm: rename and expose nm_utils_base64secret_decode() in libnm · 0d178a96
    Thomas Haller authored
    A NetworkManager client requires an API to validate and decode
    a base64 secret -- like it is used by WireGuard. If we don't have
    this as part of the API, it's inconvenient. Expose it.
    Rename it from _nm_utils_wireguard_decode_key(), to give it a more
    general name.
    Also, rename _nm_utils_wireguard_normalize_key() to
    nm_utils_base64secret_normalize(). But this one we keep as internal
    API. The user will care more about validating and decoding the base64
    key. To convert the key back to base64, we don't need a public API in
    This is another ABI change since 1.16-rc1.
    (cherry picked from commit e46ba018)
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