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    libnm: unify property-to-dbus handling of NMSetting · 0d1b8ee9
    Thomas Haller authored
    Merge the function pointer get_func() into to_dbus_fcn().
    Previously, get_func() as handled separately from to_dbus_fnc()
    (formerly synth_func()). The notion was that synth-func would syntetize
    properties that are D-Bus only. But that distinction does not seem
    very helpful to me.
    Instaed, we want to convert a property to D-Bus. Period. The
    implementation should be handled uniformly. Hence, now that is
    all done by property_to_dbus().
    Note that property_to_dbus() is also called as default implementation
    for compare-property. At least, for properties that are backed by a
    GObject property.
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