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    checkpoint: allow overlapping checkpoints · 5c283356
    Thomas Haller authored
    that allows the creation of overlapping checkpoints. Before, and
    by default, checkpoints that reference a same device conflict,
    and creating such a checkpoint failed.
    Now, allow this. But during rollback automatically destroy all
    overlapping checkpoints that were created after the checkpoint
    that is about to rollback.
    With this, you can create a series of checkpoints, and rollback them
    individually. With the restriction, that if you once rolled back to an
    older checkpoint, you no longer can roll"forward" to a younger one.
    What this implies and what is new here, is that the checkpoint might be
    automatically destroyed by NetworkManager before the timeout expires. When
    the user later would try to manually destroy/rollback such a checkpoint, it
    would fail because the checkpoint no longer exists.
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