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    core: drop NMConnectionProvider and use NMSettings directly · 5337003c
    Thomas Haller authored
    This is not C# but glib. Using interfaces is so cumbersome, that they
    don't simplify code but make it more complicated.
    E.g. following signals and its subscribers is complicated enough. It gets
    more complicated by having NM_SETTINGS_SIGNAL_CONNECTION_ADDED and
    NM_CP_SIGNAL_CONNECTION_ADDED. Of course, your favorite IDE has no idea
    about glib interfaces, so figuring out who calls who gets more
    This undoes commit 4fe48b12. Originally,
    NMConnectionProvider had only one function get_best_connection(). But it
    kept growing and more functions were added.
    If we want to ~hide~ certain part of the NMSettings API, we should move them
    to a separate header which gives internal access.
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