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    2005-02-18 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · 6411cc5a
    Dan Williams authored
    	* panel-applet/essid.glade
    		- Correct spelling of "adaptor"->"adapter"
    2005-02-18  William Jon McCann  <mccann@jhu.edu>
    	* panel-applet/NMWirelessApplet.c: Use GTK_CHECK_VERSION() macro.
    	(nmwa_about_cb): Use standard copyright string.  Update comment
    	text to reflect that it is a notification area applet.  Remove
    	leading newline in authors list.
    	(nmwa_menu_show_cb, nmwa_setup_widgets): Populate menu on show
    	instead of on parent menu item activation.  Fixes #167550.
    2005-02-18  William Jon McCann  <mccann@jhu.edu>
    	* panel-applet/essid.glade: Capitalize items as per HIG.
    	  Fixes #167632
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