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    policy: remove old /etc/hosts cleaning code (bgo #729689) · 429023b2
    Dan Williams authored
    NetworkManager stopped touching /etc/hosts in late 2010 before the
    NetworkManager 0.8.1 release.  The code in nm-policy-hosts.c's only
    purpose is to remove any of the entries that NetworkManager added long
    I think we're at the point where people have already upgraded to
    NetworkManager 0.8.1 or later and thus this code would be a NOP.  The
    only risk is that some stale /etc/hosts entries will be left if you
    upgrade from NM 0.8 or lower to anything higher than that.
    FWIW, Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) ships NM 0.8.0 and SLES11 ships NM 0.7.0, so
    if users of these distros upgraded to a later NetworkManager they might
    run into the stale entries issue if we remove this code from NM.  But
    given how old these distros are, it seems unlikely that users will do a
    direct upgrade to something 4+ years newer...
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