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    build: meson: Use variables present in pkg-config files · b00e0048
    Inigo Martínez authored
    Although some paths related to DBus and PolicyKit are present in
    their pkg-config files, those paths might not be writable for the
    user. To solve this issue, some build options are present that can
    be used to choose a different location.
    However, usually these paths are relative to some other variables
    such as `prefix`, `datadir`, etc. Using the `define_variable`
    option the relative path can be change to point to a directory
    under prefix.
    These paths are now using relative paths based on the installation
    `prefix` and their related options have been removed as they are
    unnecessary now. Only `dbus_conf_dir` option has been left because
    it must be modified depending on the distribution[0].
    [0] contrib/fedora/rpm/NetworkManager.spec
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