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    systemd: move basic systemd library to shared/nm-utils · 2c537b9d
    Thomas Haller authored
    For better or worse, we already pull in large parts of systemd sources.
    I need a base64 decode implementation (because glib's g_base64_decode()
    cannot reject invalid encodings). Instead of coming up with my own or
    copy-paste if from somewhere, reuse systemd's unbase64mem().
    But for that, make systemd's basic bits an independent static library
    first because I will need it in libnm-core.
    This doesn't really change anything except making "libnm-systemd-core.la"
    an indpendent static library that could be used from "libnm-core". We
    shall still be mindful about which internal code of systemd we use, and only
    access functionality that is exposed via "systemd/nm-sd-utils-shared.h".
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