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    wimax: drop WiMAX support (bgo #747846) · 721e917c
    Dan Winship authored
    Even Fedora is no longer shipping the WiMAX SDK, so it's likely we'll
    eventually accidentally break some of the code in src/devices/wimax/
    (if we haven't already). Discussion on the list showed a consensus for
    dropping support for WiMAX.
    So, remove the SDK checks from configure.ac, remove the WiMAX device
    plugin and associated manager support, and deprecate all the APIs.
    For compatibility reasons, it is still possible to create and save
    WiMAX connections, to toggle the software WiMAX rfkill state, and to
    change the "WIMAX" log level, although none of these have any effect,
    since no NMDeviceWimax will ever be created.
    nmcli was only compiling in support for most WiMAX operations when NM
    as a whole was built with WiMAX support, so that code has been removed
    now as well. (It is still possible to use nmcli to create and edit
    WiMAX connections, but those connections will never be activatable.)
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