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    core: add and use NM_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_MS as duration that we plan for shutdown · eaf36db6
    Thomas Haller authored
    nm_ppp_manager_stop() wants to ensure that the pppd process is really
    gone. For that it uses nm_utils_kill_child_async() to first send
    SIGTERM, and sending SIGKILL after a timeout.
    Later, we want to fix shutdown of NetworkManager to iterate the mainloop
    during shutdown, so that such operations are still handled. However, we
    can only delay shutdown for a certain time. After a timeout (NM_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_MS
    plus NM_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_MS_GRACE) we really have to give up and
    That means, the right amount of time between sending SIGTERM and SIGKILL
    is exactly NM_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_MS. Hopefully that is of course
    sufficient in the first place. If not, send SIGKILL afterwards, and give
    a bit more time (NM_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_MS_GRACE) to reap the child.
    And if all this time is still not enough, something is really odd and we
    abort waiting, with a warning in the logfile.
    Since we don't properly handle shutdown yet, the description above is
    not really true. But with this patch, we fix it from point of view of
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