ifcfg-rh: add "VLAN_ID_USE" flag to prefer VLAN_ID variable

Closed Thomas Haller requested to merge th/ifcfg-vlan-id-use into master

For backward compatibility, the reader ignores VLAN_ID= if DEVICE= has a name with a suffix that looks like a vlan-id.

This was introduced by commit 10b32be3 ('ifcfg-rh: various VLAN cleanups').

In particular, when NetworkManager writes a profile to ifcfg format, then the profile must be encodable without modification. Since a NetworkManager profile has on consistency requirement that the vlan-id and the interface-name resemble each other, this requires a workaround.

Add a VLAN_ID_USE= flag. If that is true, then VLAN_ID= is preferred (if present).


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