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wireguard: support configuring policy routing to avoid routing loops

For WireGuard (like for all IP-tunnels and IP-based VPNs), the IP addresses of
the peers must be reached outside the tunnel/VPN itself.

For VPN connections, NetworkManager usually adds a direct /32 route to
the external VPN gateway to the underlying device. For WireGuard that is
not done, because injecting a route to another device is ugly and error
prone. Worse: WireGuard with automatic roaming and multiple peers makes this
more complicated.

This is commonly a problem when setting the default-route via the VPN,
but there are also other subtle setups where special care must be taken
to prevent such routing loops.

WireGuard's wg-quick provides a simple, automatic solution by adding two policy
routing rules and relying on the WireGuard packets having a fwmark set (see [1]).

Let's also do that. Add new properties "wireguard.ip4-auto-default-route"
and "wireguard.ip6-auto-default-route" to enable/disable this. Note that
the default value lets NetworkManager automatically choose whether to
enable it (depending on whether there are any peers that have a default
route). This means, common scenarios should now work well without additional

Note that this is also a change in behavior and upon package upgrade
NetworkManager may start adding policy routes (if there are peers that
have a default-route). This is a change in behavior, as the user already
clearly had this setup working and configured some working solution

The new automatism picks the rule priority automatically and adds the
default-route to the routing table that has the same number as the fwmark.
If any of this is unsuitable, then the user is free to disable this
automatism. Note that since 1.18.0 NetworkManager supports policy routing (*).
That means, what this automatism does can be also achived via explicit
configuration (where the user has more flexibility of configuring all the
parameters exactly).

(*) but only since 1.20.0 NetworkManager supports the "suppress_prefixlength"
rule attribute, which makes it impossible to configure exactly this solution in
1.18.0 NetworkManager.

[1] https://www.wireguard.com/netns/#improved-rule-based-routing

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