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manager: set the right reason when managing device after realize

Beniamino Galvani requested to merge bg/rh2149012 into main

When managing a device after it is realized, we previously always set the NOW_MANAGED reason, that makes the device fully-managed.

This works based on the assumption that initially an external device has unmanaged flag EXTERNAL_DOWN set, and therefore the device stays unmanaged during realization.

It is possible that an external device appears already with addresses (or attached to a controller); we need to set reason CONNECTION_ASSUMED if it's an external device, so that we don't set sys-iface-state=managed.


   ip link add br1 type bridge
   killall -STOP NetworkManager
   ip link add dummy1 type dummy
   ip link set dummy1 master br1
   ip link set dummy1 up
   sleep .5
   killall -CONT NetworkManager

After this, dummy1 is fully managed by NM while it shouldn't.

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