[th/dhcp-iaid] expose the DHCPv6 IAID in the lease information

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Expose the used DHCPv6 IAID in the lease information. Like we already do for the DHCPv4 client-id and the DHCPv6 DUID.


For dhclient, this already happened, because "iaid" is in the environment variables (note that dhclient plugin does not support setting the IAID, so whatever you configure in the profile is ignored).

For the internal client, it was not exposed. But this information seems rather interesting, because -- unless the profile hard codes it to a number -- it gets generated upon activation. The ipv[46].dhcp-iaid settings can be configured via global connection defaults in NetworkManager, but even if it weren't for that, the special per-profile values "mac", "perm-mac", "stable", and "ifname" are honored ("ifname" is the hardcoded default), which all generate an IAID which is not immediately obvious from the profile. Expose the actually used one in our API (that is, on D-Bus, in nmcli -f all device show $IFNAME and /run/NetworkManager/devices/$IFINDEX).

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