1. 01 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Lubomir Rintel's avatar
      contrib/rpm: untangle setting of bcond_{test,debug} defaults · 343fcc6c
      Lubomir Rintel authored
      Resolve the defaults in build.sh instead of RPM macros. This looks less
      terrible maintaining the same defaults as well as options to override it
      Moving it to the block that downstreams (Fedora, Red Hat) keep
      customized makes it possible for them to also maintain customized
      defaults here.
      In particular, the downstreams should be able to enable bcond_test
      at least for their production release (otherwise there's little point in
      actually running tests at package build time).
  2. 30 Jun, 2022 10 commits
  3. 29 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Thomas Haller's avatar
      all: make "ipv6.addr-gen-mode" configurable by global default · e6a33c04
      Thomas Haller authored
      It can be useful to choose a different "ipv6.addr-gen-mode". And it can be
      useful to override the default for a set of profiles.
      For example, in cloud or in a data center, stable-privacy might not be
      the best choice. Add a mechanism to override the default via global defaults
      in NetworkManager.conf:
        # /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/90-ipv6-addr-gen-mode-override.conf
      "ipv6.addr-gen-mode" is a special property, because its default depends on
      the component that configures the profile.
      - when read from disk (keyfile and ifcfg-rh), a missing addr-gen-mode
        key means to default to "eui64".
      - when configured via D-Bus, a missing addr-gen-mode property means to
        default to "stable-privacy".
      - libnm's ip6-config::addr-gen-mode property defaults to
      - when some tool creates a profile, they either can explicitly
        set the mode, or they get the default of the underlying mechanisms
        - nm-initrd-generator explicitly sets "eui64" for profiles it creates.
        - nmcli doesn' explicitly set it, but inherits the default form
          libnm's ip6-config::addr-gen-mode.
        - when NM creates a auto-default-connection for ethernet ("Wired connection 1"),
          it inherits the default from libnm's ip6-config::addr-gen-mode.
      Global connection defaults only take effect when the per-profile
      value is set to a special default/unset value. To account for the
      different cases above, we add two such special values: "default" and
      "default-or-eui64". That's something we didn't do before, but it seams
      useful and easy to understand.
      Also, this neatly expresses the current behaviors we already have. E.g.
      if you don't specify the "addr-gen-mode" in a keyfile, "default-or-eui64"
      is a pretty clear thing.
      Note that usually we cannot change default values, in particular not for
      libnm's properties. That is because we don't serialize the default
      values to D-Bus/keyfile, so if we change the default, we change
      behavior. Here we change from "stable-privacy" to "default" and
      from "eui64" to "default-or-eui64". That means, the user only experiences
      a change in behavior, if they have a ".conf" file that overrides the default.
      See-also: https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/907
  4. 27 Jun, 2022 28 commits