1. 07 Aug, 2010 4 commits
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      DBus: merge NetworkManger{,SystemSettings} · fb963098
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Remove the org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSystemSettings bus name and
      have everybody talk to org.freedesktop.NetworkManager. Now that we have
      a single settings service that's embedded in the main daemon, we don't
      need separate names anymore.
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      examples: update for user settings removal · 8b1cac70
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Some of the example code broke when we removed user settings services.
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      nm-sysconfig-settings: remove "bus" property · f8a92d44
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      NMSysconfigSettings inherited the "bus" property from NMSettingsService.
      The property was originally created to allow us to specify what DBus
      connection to use, which was important in the days of user settings
      services. Now, however, the daemon is the only thing that has a settings
      service, and so we can trim a bit of clutter by removing this property
      and using NMDBusManager directly.
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      remove nm-settings-connection-interface · 7f8dc06d
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      NMSettingsConnectionInterface was created to allow the daemon and NM
      clients to have common code that handled both system and user
      connections. It's no longer needed now that user settings services are
      This concludes the flattening of libnm-glib.
  2. 06 Aug, 2010 18 commits
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      split nm_sysconfig_connection_update · bbd4c232
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      The various "update" functions implemented by NMSysconfigConnection have
      become confusing.  Depending on how you count, we've wound up with about
      4 functions that all share the name "update" but nonetheless do
      different things.  These functions used to be distributed over several
      interfaces implemented by NMSysconfigConnection, but now that we've
      removed NMExportedConnection and are about to remove
      NMSettingsConnectionInterface, they will be all crammed into a single
      interface and will be even more confusing than before.  It's time to
      give better names to these guys.
      The renames planned are:
      - nm_settings_connection_interface_update() -->
      - nm_sysconfig_connection_update() with signal_update==FALSE -->
      - nm_sysconfig_connection_update() with signal_update==TRUE -->
      This commit performs the last two renames.  The first will be performed
      when removing NMSettingsConnectionInterface.
      We also have nm_sysconfig_connection_replace_and_commit() have an
      async-ish API that accepts a callback. This fits nicely with the
      async-ish API of nm_settings_connection_interface_update(), and it lets
      us clean up pk_update_cb() a bit.
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      nm-sysconfig-connection: flatten DBus handlers · 5f0b5091
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      NMExportedConnection originally implemented its DBus method call
      handlers as virtual functions, primarily so that system and user
      settings services could implement them differently.
      NMIfupdownConnection also depended on GetSecrets being virtual, so this
      was retained when NMExportedConnection was flattened into
      However, it turns out that NMIfupdownConnection doesn't really need
      these functions to be virtual; it's more appropriate to override the
      methods of NMSettingsConnectionInterface (which are used by the DBus
      handlers).  Indeed, we really don't want settings plugins to override
      the DBus handlers, as we must authorize the caller before doing anything
      else.  So we can save a bunch of code and devirtualize these handlers.
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      ifupdown: get_secrets: don't override DBus handler · a4af7967
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      ifupdown only supports secrets for wireless connections, so attempts to
      get non-wireless secrets need to fail. Previously, this was accomplished
      by overriding NMSysconfigSettingsClass->get_secrets, the handler for
      DBus GetSecrets() method calls. This had some problems:
      - It created an information leak. The first thing the
        NMSysconfigConnection implementation does is verify that the caller is
        authorized to get secrets information, but nm-ifupdown-connection ends
        up performing its additional check before authorization happens. Thus,
        unauthorized users are able to determine that some connections don't
        have secrets.  This will become more significant when secrets handling
        is revamped.
      - We'd really like to devirtualize these DBus method call handlers.
        They were inherited from from NMRemoteConnection, where we needed
        these functions to be virtual so that user and system settings
        services could implement them differently.  That is no longer needed.
        ifupdown was the last place were we actually "needed" these functions
        to be virtual.
      With this commit, we fix these problems by overriding
      nm_settings_connection_interface_get_secrets instead.
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      libnm-glib: remove NMSettingsInterface · c2f4b10a
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      NMSettingsInterface was created to allow code to operate on a settings
      service without caring about what kind of settings service it was. Now
      that we have just one settings service, this is no longer needed.
      More work needs to be done in order to handle errors and permission
      settings in an appropriate manner.
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      Merged NM{Exported,Sysconfig}Connection · aee48901
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      In continuation of the theme, the removal of user settings services
      means that the distinction between NMSysconfigConnection and
      NMExportedConnection is no longer needed. Merge NMExportedConnection
      into NMSysconfigConnection.
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      nm-glib/DBus: merge nm-settings{,-system} iface · da6816a0
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Much as with nm-remote-settings and nm-remote-settings-system, the
      removal of user settings services means there is no more need for
      separate interfaces for user and system settings services.
      In libnm-glib, this commit merges everything in
      nm-settings-system-interface into nm-settings-interface.  Alongside with
      that, we merge everything in the
      org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSettings.System DBus interface into
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      libnm-glib: merge nm-remote-settings{,-system} · 4d1681ef
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Originally, nm-remote-settings was used by the daemon to monitor the
      user settings service, and its subclass nm-remote-settings-system was
      used by NM clients to monitor the system settings service. With user
      settings services gone, this distinction is no longer needed. Simplify
      things a bit and merge the classes.
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      libnm-glib: remove nm-settings-service · 215640c5
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Now that we have only one settings service, there is no more need to
      have common settings service code in libnm-glib. So we can simplify
      things somewhat my moving everything from nm-settings-service into
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      DBus API: removing user settings support · d503c094
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Remove bits from the external DBus API that were once needed for user
      settings support.
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      libnm-*: remove user settings support · fa8c9304
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Remove code related to "connection scope" and such. Later, we will also
      do lots of code flattening and simplification that's possible now that
      user settings are gone.
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      nmcli: also remove DBUS-SERVICE field · 80f14217
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Missed this when removing user settings support. Connection service names also
      become irrelevant without user settings services.
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      nmcli: remove user settings support · c17d0b09
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Remove all support for user settings services from nmcli. Update its
      manpage to reflect this.
      Manpage edits also anticipate changes to be made in regards to how
      secrets are managed.
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      nm-tool: remove user settings support · 227f5664
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
    • Daniel Gnoutcheff's avatar
      core: remove internal API refs. to user settings · 5fda5283
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      Remove all references to connection scope and user-settings services
      from the various internal APIs of the daemon. The external DBus API
      remains unchanged, albeit in stub form for scope stuff.
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      nm-manager: start removing user settings services · 443c95a6
      Daniel Gnoutcheff authored
      It turns out that user settings services are strange and complicated
      beasts. We will remove support for them, and we will later implement
      security mechanisms on the system settings service that will do what
      user settings services were intended to do.
      This commit is a bulk removal of nm-manager's internal support code for
      user settings services. The external API is largely unchanged, but
      errors are returned if anyone ties to do something with user settings.
      Work remaining includes some possible flattening of nm-manager's
      internal code, along with code removal and API changes in other modules.
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      man: add a manpage for nm-online · 759ad39c
      Jiří Klimeš authored
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