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      libnm: make NMRemoteConnection an NMObject · 0fdd71fe
      Dan Winship authored
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      libnm-core, libnm, core: make NMConnection an interface · e1ba13a4
      Dan Winship authored
      The fact that NMRemoteConnection has to be an NMConnection and
      therefore can't be an NMObject means that it needs to reimplement bits
      of NMObject functionality (and likewise NMObject needs some special
      magic to deal with it). Likewise, we will need a daemon-side
      equivalent of NMObject as part of the gdbus port, and we would want
      NMSettingsConnection to be able to inherit from this as well.
      Solve this problem by making NMConnection into an interface, and
      having NMRemoteConnection and NMSettingsConnection implement it. (We
      use some hacks to keep the GHashTable of NMSettings objects inside
      nm-connection.c rather than having to be implemented by the
      Since NMConnection is no longer an instantiable type, this adds
      NMSimpleConnection to replace the various non-D-Bus-based uses of
      NMConnection throughout the code. nm_connection_new() becomes
      nm_simple_connection_new(), nm_connection_new_from_hash() becomes
      nm_simple_connection_new_from_hash(), and nm_connection_duplicate()
      becomes nm_simple_connection_new_clone().
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      libnm: get rid of redundant NMRemoteConnection properties · 5ed054ac
      Dan Winship authored
      NMRemoteConnection had two DBusGConnection properties
      (NMRemoteConnection:bus and NMRemoteConnection:dbus-connection) and
      two D-Bus path properties (NMConnection:path and
      NMRemoteConnection:dbus-path). The former of each pair were the
      traditional names, and the latter were added for compatibility with
      In libnm, we can just drop NMRemoteConnection:bus, and use the
      NMObject-compatible :dbus-connection name instead.
      For the path properties, we need to rename either NMConnection:path or
      NMObject:dbus-path. Since NMObject already has "nm_object_get_path()"
      rather than "nm_object_get_dbus_path()", and it already mistakenly
      referred to the property as "NMObject:path" in the gtk-docs, it seemed
      to make sense to rename that one rather than the NMConnection one.
      (And then, for consistency, rename "nm_object_get_connection()" to
      "nm_object_get_dbus_connection()" to also match its property.)
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      libnm-core: add missing NMConnection signal class handlers · 4870786a
      Dan Winship authored
      Add class handlers for the "secrets-cleared" and "changed" signals.
      ("secrets-updated" already had one.)
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      libnm-core: move some fake NMConnection methods over to NMSetting · 32c26a85
      Dan Winship authored
      nm_connection_lookup_setting_type() and
      nm_connection_lookup_setting_type_by_quark() have nothing to do with
      NMConnection. So move them to NMSetting (and rename them to
      nm_setting_lookup_type() and nm_setting_lookup_type_by_quark()).
    • Dan Winship's avatar
      libnm-core: drop nm_connection_create_setting() · 2bfccab7
      Dan Winship authored
      This was only used in one place, and is trivial to implement inline
    • Dan Winship's avatar
      all: fix up multiple-include-guard defines · c81fb49a
      Dan Winship authored
      Previously, src/nm-ip4-config.h, libnm/nm-ip4-config.h, and
      libnm-glib/nm-ip4-config.h all used "NM_IP4_CONFIG_H" as an include
      guard, which meant that nm-test-utils.h could not tell which of them
      was being included (and so, eg, if you tried to include
      nm-ip4-config.h in a libnm test, it would fail to compile because
      nm-test-utils.h was referring to symbols in src/nm-ip4-config.h).
      Fix this by changing the include guards in the non-API-stable parts of
      the tree:
        - libnm-glib/nm-ip4-config.h remains   NM_IP4_CONFIG_H
        - libnm/nm-ip4-config.h now uses     __NM_IP4_CONFIG_H__
        - src/nm-ip4-config.h now uses       __NETWORKMANAGER_IP4_CONFIG_H__
      And likewise for all other headers.
      The two non-"nm"-prefixed headers, libnm/NetworkManager.h and
      src/NetworkManagerUtils.h are now __NETWORKMANAGER_H__ and
      __NETWORKMANAGER_UTILS_H__ respectively, which, while not entirely
      consistent with the general scheme, do still mostly make sense in
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    • Dan Williams's avatar
      dhcp: fix killing wrong process ID on dhclient release · 2bd5cf51
      Dan Williams authored
      The prototype of dhclient_start() changed in 30cdd124 but that
      commit didn't update stop() correctly.  Clearly treating a gboolean
      as pid_t isn't going to work.  Second, we don't want to watch the
      child process on DHCP release because we're just going to kill it
      shortly after.
    • Dan Winship's avatar
      libnm-util: don't warn about unrecognized properties · b64c82a3
      Dan Winship authored
      libnm-util is expected to end up behind the curve in terms of knowing
      about new NMSetting properties, so if it sees an unknown property, it
      should just assume that there will also be a backward-compatibility
      equivalent rather than printing a warning.
      (In particular, it should not warn when it sees the
      "ipv4.address-labels" property now that it now longer knows about it.)
    • Dan Winship's avatar
      core: fix a warning and a leak · 58a66cc7
      Dan Winship authored
      For devices where we don't set the hardware address at construct time,
      the first call to nm_device_update_hw_address() was hitting a
      Also, when updating the hardware address, we were leaking the old
    • Thomas Haller's avatar
      libnm-glib/test: fix test failure for test-remote-settings-client · 2ac34e43
      Thomas Haller authored
      Due to behavioral change of test-networkmanager-service.py, the test
      /remote_settings/remove_connection fails (test_remove_connection() at
      Fixes: 66a34803
      Signed-off-by: Thomas Haller's avatarThomas Haller <thaller@redhat.com>
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