1. 22 Aug, 2013 11 commits
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      nm-online: wait for all startup-time connections, not just one · 44ac1020
      Dan Winship authored
      Rewrite nm-online to use libnm-glib, and change it so that it waits
      until NM has finished all of its startup-time connection activation
      attempts, rather than only waiting until at least one has succeeded.
      In particular, this means that on multi-homed servers, the
      NetworkManager-wait-online systemd service (and by extension,
      network.service) will now block until *all* of the server's IP
      addresses are up, which is needed for some old daemons that assume
      that no network interfaces will be added after they start.
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      libnm-glib: add NMClient:startup, nm_client_get_startup() · 4d8063cd
      Dan Winship authored
      Expose the new NMManager:startup property on NMClient.
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      core: add NMManager:startup property · bc091f2f
      Dan Winship authored
      Add a property on NMManager indicating that it is currently starting
      up and activating startup-time/boot-time network connections.
      "startup" is initially TRUE, and becomes FALSE once all NMDevices
      report that they have no pending activity (eg, trying to activate,
      waiting for a wifi scan to complete, etc). This is tracked via a new
      NMDevice:has-pending-activity property, which is maintained partially
      by the device itself, and partially by other parts of the code.
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    • Dan Winship's avatar
      core: minor device removal simplification/fix · 32aeed7e
      Dan Winship authored
      nm-manager.c:remove_one_device() took a GSList as an argument and
      returned that GSList with the device removed; but every caller passed
      in priv->devices and assigned the result to priv->devices, so just
      make it always do that.
      Also, rename it to remove_device() to match add_device().
      Also, when removing a device, NMManager was only disconnecting one of
      the several signal handlers it connected in add_device(). This
      generally wasn't a problem since the device would normally be
      destroyed immediately after this, but it's good to be correct.
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      core: remove some dead code in NMDevice · 75ea0b05
      Dan Winship authored
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