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      libnm-util: add connection helpers for ID and UUID · c5235f87
      Dan Williams authored
      Shortcuts.  Getting the ID and UUID is used in a ton of places
      and this helps cut down on code.
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      trivial: more spacing cleanups · 09d608b9
      Dan Williams authored
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      trivial: spacing cleanups · be628d9f
      Dan Williams authored
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      libnm-util: assume VPN connections need secrets · b04d9e46
      Dan Williams authored
      Because most of the time they will.  They need special handling all
      around anyway because only the VPN plugin itself knows whether the
      connection needs secrets.
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      libnm-util: fix VPN update_one_secret() · d7a86ffd
      Dan Williams authored
      The old function took a string value, which wasn't really correct as
      the property type is a GHashTable of string:string.  For whatever
      reason this is how nm-applet passed VPN secrets back to NM in the return
      from the GetSecrets() D-Bus call.  This was probably easier or
      something but it was a special case that's magic and quite unclear.
      Since we use nm_connection_update_secrets() more these days, and we
      depend on the GValue types we pass into it matching the property
      types of the setting property the secret is for, we need to fix that
      up for VPN connections.  But keep the old code for backwards
      In the future secret agents should pass back VPN secrets in the same
      form as the VPN setting specifies them for the "secrets" property:
      a GHashTable of string:string.  But the old mechanism of just dumping
      the key/value pairs into the returned VPN hash as string:string will
      still work.
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      libnm-util: add secret flags for each secret describing how the secret is stored · 5a7cf39a
      Dan Williams authored
      This allows the necessary flexibility when handling secrets; otherwise
      it wouldn't be known when NM should save secrets returned from agents
      to backing storage, or when the agents should store the secrets. We
      can't simply use lack of a secret in persistent storage as the indicator
      of this, as (for example) when creating a new connection without
      secrets the storage method would be abmiguous.
      At the same time, fold in "always ask" functionality for OTP tokens
      so user agents don't have to store that attribute themselves out-of-band.
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