1. 23 Feb, 2011 7 commits
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  3. 21 Feb, 2011 5 commits
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      build: allow disabling PPP support at build time · a096d3a6
      Dan Williams authored
      Pass --enable-ppp=no and pppd headers won't be required, and the
      pppd plugin won't be built.  Here's to you, Gentoo!
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      core: fix dbus-glib crash on shutdown with systemd · b712274e
      Dan Williams authored
      It's really dbus-glib's fault, but the problem seems to be that when
      short-lived D-Bus calls are made (with dbus_g_proxy_call_no_reply)
      and the service is activated, then quits immediately like the
      dispatcher does, there's not enough time for internal dbus-glib
      housekeeping.  The GetNameOwner call that's kicked off when the
      DBusGProxy is created hasn't returned by the time the proxy is
      being unrefed, so the proxy doesn't end up on the
      unassociated_proxies list.  But when the proxy is destroyed, and
      it destroys it's DBusGProxyManager, the manager expects that
      the proxy is on unassociated_proxies.  Thus the crash.
      I'm not entirely sure why we hit this only at shutdown with
      systemd; it could be that systemd is killing the bus daemon at
      the same time as we're running the dispatcher and that's why the
      GetNameOwner call doesn't complete.
      Work around all this by expecting a message return, which works fine
      during normal operation, but on shutdown allows us to avoid urefing
      the proxy until everything in dbus-glib has been handled, which at
      shutdown time really just means leaking it.  But then we exit, so
      it's cleaned up anyway.
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      cli: use libnm-glib's nm_device_get_device_type() to get device type · 6982337f
      Jiří Klimeš authored
      And implement device_type_to_string() to convert the type to a string.
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