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      shared: move most of "shared/nm-utils" to "shared/nm-glib-aux" · d984b2ce
      Thomas Haller authored
      From the files under "shared/nm-utils" we build an internal library
      that provides glib-based helper utilities.
      Move the files of that basic library to a new subdirectory
      "shared/nm-glib-aux" and rename the helper library "libnm-core-base.la"
      to "libnm-glib-aux.la".
       - the name "utils" is overused in our code-base. Everything's an
         "utils". Give this thing a more distinct name.
       - there were additional files under "shared/nm-utils", which are not
         part of this internal library "libnm-utils-base.la". All the files
         that are part of this library should be together in the same
         directory, but files that are not, should not be there.
       - the new name should better convey what this library is and what is isn't:
         it's a set of utilities and helper functions that extend glib with
         funcitonality that we commonly need.
      There are still some files left under "shared/nm-utils". They have less
      a unifying propose to be in their own directory, so I leave them there
      for now. But at least they are separate from "shared/nm-glib-aux",
      which has a very clear purpose.
      (cherry picked from commit 80db06f7)
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    • Lubomir Rintel's avatar
      all: goodbye libnm-glib · 1de8383a
      Lubomir Rintel authored
      This removes libnm-glib, libnm-glib-vpn, and libnm-util for good.
      The it has been replaced with libnm since NetworkManager 1.0, disabled
      by default since 1.12 and no up-to-date distributions ship it for years
      Removing the libraries allows us to:
      * Remove the horrible hacks that were in place to deal with accidental use
        of both the new and old library in a single process.
      * Relief the translators of maintenance burden of similar yet different
      * Get rid of known bad code without chances of ever getting fixed
        (libnm-glib/nm-object.c and libnm-glib/nm-object-cache.c)
      * Generally lower the footprint of the releases and our workspace
      If there are some really really legacy users; they can just build
      libnm-glib and friends from the NetworkManager-1.16 distribution. The
      D-Bus API is stable and old libnm-glib will keep working forever.
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    • Thomas Haller's avatar
      libnm,cli: add NMSettingWireGuard · b521f426
      Thomas Haller authored
      For now only add the core settings, no peers' data.
      To support peers and the allowed-ips of the peers is more complicated
      and will be done later. It's more complicated because these are nested
      lists (allowed-ips) inside a list (peers). That is quite unusual and to
      conveniently support that in D-Bus API, in keyfile format, in libnm,
      and nmcli, is a effort.
      Also, it's further complicated by the fact that each peer has a secret (the
      preshared-key). Thus we probably need secret flags for each peer, which
      is a novelty as well (until now we require a fixed set of secrets per
      profile that is well known).
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    • Thomas Haller's avatar
      wifi-p2p: rename files for consistent Wi-Fi P2P naming · 0420fa1f
      Thomas Haller authored
      We named the types inconsistently:
        - "p2p-wireless" ("libnm-core/nm-setting-p2p-wireless.h")
        - "p2p" ("libnm/nm-p2p-peer.h")
        - "p2p-wifi" ("src/devices/wifi/nm-device-p2p-wifi.h")
      It seems to me, "libnm/nm-p2p-peer.h" should be qualified with a "Wi-Fi"
      specific name. It's not just peer-to-peer, it's Wi-Fi P2P.
      Yes, there is an inconsistency now, because there is already
      It seems to me (from looking at the internet), that the name "Wi-Fi P2P"
      is more common than "P2P Wi-Fi" -- although both are used. There is also
      the name "Wi-Fi Direct". But it's not clear which name should be
      preferred here, so stick to "Wi-Fi P2P".
      In this first commit only rename the files. The following commit will
      rename the content.
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    • Lubomir Rintel's avatar
      all: say Wi-Fi instead of "wifi" or "WiFi" · b385ad01
      Lubomir Rintel authored
      Correct the spelling across the *entire* tree, including translations,
      comments, etc. It's easier that way.
      Even the places where it's not exposed to the user, such as tests, so
      that we learn how is it spelled correctly.
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