1. 15 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      policy: don't use default hostname as configured hostname (rh #1110436) · bf1231d0
      Jiří Klimeš authored
      Even if administrator-configured hostname (/etc/hostname) takes precedence
      over other hostname configurations, we don't take "localhost", "localhost6",
      "localhost.localdomain", "localhost6.localdomain6" as such. These values might
      be set by some tools (like installer). But that's not right and we compensate
      for that. It doesn't make much sense that an admimistrator would set these
      values manually (intentionally), because leaving /etc/hostname empty will
      result in "localhost" hostname anyway (set by systemd).
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      utils: add nm_utils_is_specific_hostname() · 70e930bc
      Jiří Klimeš authored
      The function detects whether the hostname is a specific hostname diferrent
      from default hostnames like localhost, localhost[6].localdomain[6].
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      libnm-glib: fix initialization of NMObject type · 568742ed
      Thomas Haller authored
      Ensure that the @type_funcs and @type_async_funcs
      hashes are initialized before running the class
      init function.
      libnm-glib-scan hits the following assertion:
        GLib-CRITICAL **: g_hash_table_insert_internal: assertion 'hash_table != NULL' failed
        #0  0x0000003370c504e9 in g_logv (log_domain=0x3370cb2f4e "GLib", log_level=G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL, format=<optimized out>, args=args@entry=0x7fffd1578f70) at gmessages.c:989
        #1  0x0000003370c5063f in g_log (log_domain=<optimized out>, log_level=<optimized out>, format=<optimized out>) at gmessages.c:1025
        #2  0x00007f2169f42545 in _nm_object_register_type_func (base_type=base_type@entry=13597296, type_func=type_func@entry=0x7f2169f47ae9 <_nm_device_type_for_path>, type_async_func=type_async_func@entry=
            0x7f2169f47880 <_nm_device_type_for_path_async>) at nm-object.c:551
        #3  0x00007f2169f48664 in nm_device_get_type () at nm-device.c:62
        #4  0x0000000000402577 in get_object_types () at libnm-glib-scan.c:46
        0x0000000000404b0b in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at libnm-glib-scan.c:135
      Signed-off-by: Thomas Haller's avatarThomas Haller <thaller@redhat.com>
  3. 11 Jul, 2014 4 commits
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      platform: ignore RTM_F_CLONED (eg, cache) routes · 66d1f2f5
      Dan Williams authored
      The kernel adds these for various operations; they are short-lived,
      added often, and not useful to NetworkManager.  Ignore them.  This
      prevents NetworkManager from continuously updating the IPv6 config
      and emitting state changes to clients via D-Bus for useless changes.
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      libnm-util: fix build with --with-crypto=gnutls · 09da1786
      Dan Winship authored
      The non-"_t"-suffixed type names in gnutls have been deprecated since
      1.x, and in recent versions will trigger deprecation warnings. Fix by
      using "gnutls_datum_t" instead of "gnutls_datum".
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      config: replace g_warning() by nm_log_warn() · 98bc1c8c
      Thomas Haller authored
      Quite possibly these logging lines hit before we setup nm-logging
      initially and before NM main() calls nm_logging_syslog_openlog().
      This is because NM first needs to read the configuration, before setting
      up logging.
      Note however, that nm-logging is robust against both.
      If nm_logging_setup() was not yet called, it will automatically setup
      If nm_logging_syslog_openlog() was not yet called, it will redirect
      logging to g_log() -- which basically ends up at g_warning() again.
      Still this is useful in case when hitting those lines *afterwards*.
      Especially, later when we support reloading of configuration.
      Signed-off-by: Thomas Haller's avatarThomas Haller <thaller@redhat.com>
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