1. 28 May, 2013 6 commits
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      ifnet: track connections by UUID not conf.d net connection name · 689dadaf
      Dan Williams authored
      We'll need this for later with unsaved connections.  The ifnet
      plugin previously tracked connections by the "conn_name" which
      was derived from keys in the /etc/conf.d/net file.  These keys
      take two forms:
      1) interface name
      2) wifi SSID, either text or hex-encoded:
      The conf.d net connection name is apparently usually an interface
      name, so when writing to /etc/conf.d/net the NM connection name is
      changed from eg "Ethernet connection 1" to the next available
      interface name based on the type of connection, eg "eth0".
      The ifnet plugin actively removed connections that were not present
      in /etc/conf.d/net during the reload_connections() call, but in the
      future we'll want to allow unsaved connections which in the case of
      ifnet clearly won't yet be written to the file.  Since only
      connections written to the file have a "conn_name", tracking
      connections by conn_name no longer works.
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      ifcfg-rh: track connections by UUID not file path · b225a9f5
      Dan Williams authored
      We'll need this for later with unsaved connections.
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      keyfile: track connections by UUID not file path · 830f65fc
      Dan Williams authored
      We'll need this for later with unsaved connections.
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      settings: track whether connection is saved to disk or not · cd5d9270
      Dan Williams authored
      Use the new NMConnection 'changed' signal to mark connections
      as dirty/unsaved, and reset that when they get flushed to disk.
      Previously, the 'Updated' signal was emitted only when the
      connection was changed and flushed to disk, but now we have
      more granular needs, and the signal is emitted whenever the
      connection actually *is* changed, regardless of whether its
      flushed to disk or not.
  2. 27 May, 2013 3 commits
  3. 24 May, 2013 8 commits
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  7. 20 May, 2013 8 commits
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      devices: fix recursive-state-change check · fd2a3a75
      Dan Winship authored
      nm_device_state_changed() had a check to make sure it wasn't entered
      recursively (which had been a source of bugs in the past), but it was
      global rather than per-device, so it caused errors when VLANs changed
      state in response to their parent device changing state. Fix that.
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      devices, platform: fix up carrier-detection detection · 2bb51788
      Dan Winship authored
      Some devices aren't expected to support carrier detection, so there's
      no reason to have NMDevice log about it. Move that message into
      NMDeviceEthernet, where failure to support carrier-detect really is
      worth mentioning.
      Also, make NMDeviceEthernet use NMPlatform for carrier-detection
      detection (and move the MII carrier-detect-support check from
      NMDeviceEthernet into NMLinuxPlatform).
      Finally, have NMDeviceGeneric actually check whether the device
      supports carrier detect, rather than just always assuming it doesn't.
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      core: clean up and simplify device capabilities handling · be807819
      Dan Williams authored
      This is really, really old 2007-era code.  Any NMDevice that gets
      created is already supported, so there's no reason to have every
      device set NM_DEVICE_CAP_NM_SUPPORTED.  For those subclasses that
      only set that capability, we can remove the subclass method
      entirely.  Next, it turns out that the "type capabilities" code
      wasn't used anywhere, so remove that too.  Lastly, "cipsec"
      interfaces haven't been used on linux in about 5 years (they
      were created by the Cisco binary-only IPSec kernel module for
      Cisco VPNs long before vpnc and openswan came around) so we can
      remove that code too.
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      core: remove NMDeviceWired · 38459f5a
      Dan Winship authored
      With carrier handling moved to NMDevice, the only thing left in
      NMDeviceWired was speed, which was actually ethernet-specific anyway.
      So move that to NMDeviceEthernet, and then kill NMDeviceWired.
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      core: move carrier handling to NMDevice · 82222d38
      Dan Winship authored
      Move carrier handling for most device types into NMDevice.
      Based on an earlier patch by Pavel Šimerda.
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      core: make nm-properties-changed-signal always export the right properties · 5a223b90
      Dan Winship authored
      Change the way that nm-properties-changed-signal works, and parse the
      dbus-binding-tool-generated info to get the exact list of properties
      that it's expected to export.
      This makes NM_PROPERTY_PARAM_NO_EXPORT unnecessary, and also fixes the
      problem of properties like NMDevice:hw-address being exported on
      classes where it shouldn't be.
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      core: convert the DBus manager to a single-ref object · 04cb58ea
      Dan Williams authored
      It's created very, very early and never needs to be unrefed
      by anything except the main() function.
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  8. 18 May, 2013 5 commits