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    • Dan Williams's avatar
      ip6: suppress merge_ip6_configs() warning · 7ee3abe1
      Dan Williams authored
      NetworkManager[815]: merge_ip6_configs: assertion `src != NULL' failed
      Calling ip6_config_merge_and_apply() with a NULL src_config is fine
      since that's what happens during RA or DHCP lease changes.
      Reported by Johannes Sjölund
    • Dan Williams's avatar
      ip6: ensure IPv6 failures take precedence over success · fc794103
      Dan Williams authored
      The RDNSS and DNSSL failure cases wouldn't clear out the idle
      handler of a previous success (if that success hadn't fired yet);
      it seems pointless to signal success and then immediately fail.
      Second, it would cause a dangling GSource if the device was
      removed or NM quit at the right time.
    • Gary Ching-Pang Lin's avatar
      core: check the iface index correctly · 4e1abb83
      Gary Ching-Pang Lin authored
      If the iface name is invalid, the index is -1.
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