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      2007-02-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com> · b6680375
      Tambet Ingo authored
      	* src/nm-device-802-11-wireless.c (supplicant_iface_scan_result_cb): 
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-interface.h
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-interface.c
      	(nm_supplicant_interface_class_init): Change the "scan-result" signal's
      	argument to boolean from enum.
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2287 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc
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      2007-02-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com> · d9ea10a6
      Tambet Ingo authored
      	* src/backends/NetworkManagerFrugalware.c: Oops, forgot to commit this.
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2286 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc
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      2007-02-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com> · a88e1dd3
      Tambet Ingo authored
      	Make NMDevice abstract class, remove almost all references to it's
      	subclasses (the last place gets removed with new policy manager). Add
      	NMDeviceInterface (which NMDevice implements) so that when we have
      	NMDevice exported over DBUS, there's a common NMDevice interface which
      	all instances have, plus there's a device specific interface for each
      	specific type.
      	Remove functions (nm_device_is_802_3_ethernet) and
      	(nm_device_is_802_11_wireless). There are already standard GObject macros
      	for type safe checks.
      	Use the updated supplican manager API.
      	* src/nm-device-interface.h: 
      	* src/nm-device-interface.c: 
      	* src/nm-call-store.h: 
      	* src/nm-call-store.c: Implement.
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-interface.c:
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-interface.h:
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-manager.c:
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-manager.h:
      		- Remove all private data type references from public header files.
      		- Remove all references to other NM classes, this class is just a
      		  proxy between wpa_supplicant and NM so it doesn't have to know
      		  any internals.
      		- Convert to dbus-glib bindings.
      		- Type safe checks for public methods' arguments.
      		- Store pending DBUS call ids to NMCallStore.
      	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-config.c:
      		- Store config values in a GHashTable instead of GSList.
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2285 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc
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      2007-02-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com> · 58b53400
      Tambet Ingo authored
      	* src/NetworkManagerMain.h: Remove all references to DHCP manager.
      	* src/NetworkManager.c: Don't initialize the DHCP manager, it's a
      	singleton now.
      	* src/nm-device.c: Use the new DHCP manager API.
      	* src/nm-activation-request.c:
      	* src/nm-activation-request.h:
      		- Remove all dhcp related properties and methods.
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2284 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc
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      2007-02-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com> · 1bbdd977
      Tambet Ingo authored
      	* src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-marshal-main.c: Add.
      	* src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-marshal.list: Add.
      	* src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-manager.c:
      	* src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-manager.h:
      		- Convert it to GObject since we need to signal state changes.
      		- Remove all references to other NM classes, this class is one
      		  of the lowest classes in our hierarchy.
      		- One less class to use NMActRequest.
      		- Make it singleton, one less user of NMData.
      		- Remove a couple of sleep() calls.
      		- Convert a bunch of low-level dbus API calls to dbus-glib calls.
      		  One less class to use the NM's custom tailored signal handlig.
      	* Makefile.am: Generate marshallers, add them to build.
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2283 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc
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      2007-01-26 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · ca666cc5
      Dan Williams authored
      	* libnm-util/dbus-dict-helpers.c
      		- Coordinate style with wpa_supplicant version to minimize diff
      		- Add uint32 array support
      		- (nmu_dbus_dict_append_uint32_array): new function
      		- (nmu_dbus_dict_begin_string_array, nmu_dbus_dict_string_array_add_element,
      		   nmu_dbus_dict_end_string_array): bring over from wpa_supplicant
      			version; allow adding string array elements individually
      	* test/libnm-util/test-dbus-dict-helpers.c
      		- Test uint32 arrays
      git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@2249 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc