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      valgrind: suppressions update · cefdb51f
      Dan Williams authored
      This suppression didn't work on F17 for some reason, even though the
      stacktrace was the same.  Valgrind wanted some kind of:
      obj:<path to libglib>
      between the calloc and the g_malloc0 lines; but we don't actually
      care much about the calloc anyway.
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      platform: link management · 15fd7cd7
      Pavel Šimerda authored
      Create the new nm-platform framework and implement link (or interface)
      management. The nm-platform serves as the point of contact between
      the rest of NetworkManager and the operating system.
      There are two backends for nm-platform:
      * NMFakePlatform: Fake kernel backend for testing purposes
      * NMLinuxPlatform: Linux kernel backend for actual use
      A comprehensive testsuite is included and will be extended with new
      feature additions. To enable the Linux part of the testsuite, use
      --enable-tests=root configure options and run 'make check' as root.
      Use --enable-code-coverage for code coverage support.
        ./autogen.sh --enable-tests=root --enable-code-coverage
        make -C src/platform check-code-coverage
      Link features:
      * Retrieve the list of links
      * Translate between indexes and names
      * Discover device type
      * Add/remove dummy interfaces (for testing)
      Thanks to Thomas Graf for helping with libnl3 synchronization issues.
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