1. 02 Mar, 2012 3 commits
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      firewall-manager: changing the zone an interface belongs to · 128695c4
      Jiri Popelka authored
      When we want to change the zone an interface belongs to
      we can't use firewalld's addInterface() because this one
      doesn't allow to add interface to zone when it already
      has been part of some other/same zone.
      We need to use changeZone() method instead - hopefuly
      this is the final name of this method.
    • Jiri Popelka's avatar
      firewall-manager: add interfaces to zones after firewall (re)start · b2d4f66d
      Jiri Popelka authored
      Because firewalld has no idea what interface is part of which zone
      we need to inform it after it (re)starts what interface belongs to which
    • Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre's avatar
      dns: dnsmasq plugin: update command-line parameters for starting dnsmasq · 86a8fa4a
      Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre authored
      Drop --strict-order; dnsmasq is intelligent enough to ask nameservers in
      an order that makes the best of possibly slow nameservers (or broken ones),
      and interrogating them in strict order breaks this.
      Add --no-hosts: by default dnsmasq will read /etc/hosts as a list of things
      to resolve statically; this is something we want to avoid as nsswitch.conf
      already lists files as the first data store to look at; where the entries
      in /etc/hosts will already have been returned if that's what the user wants
      to see. If the /etc/hosts file then changes, dnsmasq would have to be restarted
      before the user would get the new value resolved externally. Avoid this, let
      /etc/hosts override DNS entries normally through the resolver and show
      changes as soon as the file is updated.
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