Commit ffbb7df4 authored by Michal Schmidt's avatar Michal Schmidt Committed by Jiří Klimeš

systemd: fix NetworkManager-wait-online.service to wait for link up (rh #710502)

Since commit 0ce4b6b4
NetworkManager-wait-online.service quits immediately if there is no link yet.
Fix it by removing the '-x' option.

But if we do just that, NM-w-o would add a useless 30 seconds delay in the
case when NM is not running at all.
Solve this by adding a Requisite= dependency on NM.
parent 502548b6
Description=Network Manager Wait Online
ExecStart=@bindir@/nm-online -q -x --timeout=30
ExecStart=@bindir@/nm-online -q --timeout=30
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