Verified Commit ff8ba801 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

shared: add nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape_cp() helper

(cherry picked from commit 393bc8c8)
(cherry picked from commit 10b0260d)
parent fef7d846
......@@ -2284,6 +2284,17 @@ nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape_bytes (GBytes *bytes, NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags flags
return nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape (p, l, flags, to_free);
char *
nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape_cp (gconstpointer buf, gssize buflen, NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags flags)
const char *s_const;
char *s;
s_const = nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape (buf, buflen, flags, &s);
nm_assert (!s || s == s_const);
return s ?: g_strdup (s_const);
const char *
......@@ -941,6 +941,7 @@ typedef enum {
} NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags;
const char *nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape (gconstpointer buf, gssize buflen, NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags flags, char **to_free);
char *nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape_cp (gconstpointer buf, gssize buflen, NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags flags);
const char *nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_escape_bytes (GBytes *bytes, NMUtilsStrUtf8SafeFlags flags, char **to_free);
gconstpointer nm_utils_buf_utf8safe_unescape (const char *str, gsize *out_len, gpointer *to_free);
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