Commit f96a42b0 authored by Mihai Donțu's avatar Mihai Donțu Committed by Dan Williams

core: allow '2' when reading startup accept_ra value (bgo #691213)

Otherwise, priv->accept_ra_path would be NULL, which isn't very
useful and  makes nm_utils_do_sysctl() angry.  No reason we shouldn't
always create priv->accept_ra_path in the future though.
parent 1556a19c
......@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ update_accept_ra_save (NMDevice *self)
if (!nm_utils_get_proc_sys_net_value_with_bounds (priv->ip6_accept_ra_path,
0, 1)) {
0, 2)) {
g_free (priv->ip6_accept_ra_path);
priv->ip6_accept_ra_path = NULL;
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