Commit f8b4ee04 authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship
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tui: add some comments to nmt-newt-form.c

parent 96a5ad51
......@@ -91,7 +91,9 @@ static void nmt_newt_form_redraw (NmtNewtForm *form);
* Creates a new form, which will be shown centered on the screen.
* Compare nmt_newt_form_new_fullscreen(). You can also position a
* form manually by setting its #NmtNewtForm:x and #NmtNewtForm:y
* properties, either at construct time or later.
* properties at construct time, and/or by setting
* #NmtNewtForm:fullscreen, #NmtNewtform:fullscreen-horizontal, or
* #NmtNewtForm:fullscreen-vertical.
* If @title is NULL, the form will have no title.
......@@ -269,6 +271,13 @@ nmt_newt_form_destroy (NmtNewtForm *form)
nmt_newt_widget_unrealize (priv->content);
/* A "normal" newt program would call newtFormRun() to run newt's main loop
* and process events. But we want to let GLib's main loop control the program
* (eg, so libnm-glib can process D-Bus notifications). So we call this function
* to run a single iteration of newt's main loop (or rather, to run newt's
* main loop for 1ms) whenever there are events for newt to process (redrawing
* or keypresses).
static void
nmt_newt_form_iterate (NmtNewtForm *form)
......@@ -286,18 +295,23 @@ nmt_newt_form_iterate (NmtNewtForm *form)
if ( es.reason == NEWT_EXIT_HOTKEY
|| es.reason == NEWT_EXIT_ERROR) {
/* The user hit Esc or there was an error. */
g_clear_object (&priv->focus);
nmt_newt_form_quit (form);
if (es.reason == NEWT_EXIT_COMPONENT) {
/* The user hit Return/Space on a component; update the form focus
* to point that that component, and activate it.
focus = nmt_newt_widget_find_component (priv->content,;
if (focus) {
nmt_newt_form_set_focus (form, focus);
nmt_newt_widget_activated (focus);
} else {
/* The 1ms timer ran out. Update focus but don't do anything else. */
focus = nmt_newt_widget_find_component (priv->content,
newtFormGetCurrent (priv->form));
if (focus)
......@@ -305,6 +319,11 @@ nmt_newt_form_iterate (NmtNewtForm *form)
/* @form_stack keeps track of all currently-displayed forms, from top to bottom.
* @keypress_source is the global stdin-monitoring GSource. When it triggers,
* nmt_newt_form_keypress_callback() iterates the top-most form, so it can
* process the keypress.
static GSList *form_stack;
static GSource *keypress_source;
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