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man: update manpage for connectivity checking options

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......@@ -211,6 +211,26 @@ OLPC = OLPC Mesh device operations
WIMAX = Wimax device operations
.SS [connectivity]
This section controls NetworkManager's optional connectivity checking
functionality. This allows NetworkManager to detect whether or not the system
can actually access the internet or whether it is behind a captive portal.
.B uri=\fI<uri>\fP
The URI of a web page to periodically request when connectivity is being checked.
This page should return the header "X-NetworkManager-Status" with a value of
"online". Alternatively, it's body content should be set to "NetworkManager
is online". The body content check can be controlled by the \fIresponse\fP
option. If this option is blank or missing, connectivity checking is disabled.
.B interval=\fI<seconds>\fP
Controls how often connectivity is checked when a network connection exists. If
set to 0 connectivity checking is disabled. If missing, the default is 300
.B response=\fI<response>\fP
If set controls what body content NetworkManager checks for when requesting the
URI for connectivity checking. If missing, defaults to "NetworkManager is online"
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