Commit f5f90a0d authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel

core/qdisc: drop useless code

The call to nm_utils_parse_variant_attributes() is useless. The following
_tc_read_common_opts() call does the same thing. This was probably left
in place by accident.
parent 817b55cf
......@@ -2455,18 +2455,10 @@ nm_utils_tc_qdisc_from_str (const char *str, GError **error)
gs_free char *kind = NULL;
gs_free char *rest = NULL;
NMTCQdisc *qdisc = NULL;
gs_unref_hashtable GHashTable *ht = NULL;
nm_assert (str);
nm_assert (!error || !*error);
ht = nm_utils_parse_variant_attributes (str,
' ', ' ', FALSE,
if (!ht)
return NULL;
if (!_tc_read_common_opts (str, &handle, &parent, &kind, &rest, error))
return NULL;
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