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Commit f44f21c8 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

core: avoid leaks parsing team link-watcher

Found by coverity.
parent c274b565
......@@ -5155,13 +5155,16 @@ _nm_utils_team_link_watcher_from_json (json_t *json_element)
g_return_val_if_fail (json_element, NULL);
json_object_foreach (json_element, j_key, j_val) {
if (nm_streq (j_key, "name"))
if (nm_streq (j_key, "name")) {
g_free (name);
name = strdup (json_string_value (j_val));
else if (nm_streq (j_key, "target_host"))
} else if (nm_streq (j_key, "target_host")) {
g_free (target_host);
target_host = strdup (json_string_value (j_val));
else if (nm_streq (j_key, "source_host"))
} else if (nm_streq (j_key, "source_host")) {
g_free (source_host);
source_host = strdup (json_string_value (j_val));
else if (NM_IN_STRSET (j_key, "delay_up", "init_wait"))
} else if (NM_IN_STRSET (j_key, "delay_up", "init_wait"))
val1 = json_integer_value (j_val);
else if (NM_IN_STRSET (j_key, "delay_down", "interval"))
val2 = json_integer_value (j_val);
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