Commit eceb613f authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship

core: don't retry connection with no secrets after timeout

NMPolicy was resetting the "don't autoconnect because we don't have
secrets" state on a connection when the autoconnect-retries timer
timed out, but this doesn't make sense, since the timeout doesn't
change the fact that there are no secrets.
parent 4e74670b
......@@ -1229,7 +1229,6 @@ reset_connections_retries (gpointer user_data)
if (con_stamp < now) {
nm_settings_connection_reset_autoconnect_retries (connection);
nm_settings_connection_set_autoconnect_blocked_reason (connection, NM_DEVICE_STATE_REASON_NONE);
changed = TRUE;
} else if (min_stamp == 0 || min_stamp > con_stamp)
min_stamp = con_stamp;
......@@ -1375,12 +1374,6 @@ device_state_changed (NMDevice *device,
guint32 tries = nm_settings_connection_get_autoconnect_retries (connection);
/* If the connection couldn't get the secrets it needed (ex because
* the user canceled, or no secrets exist), there's no point in
* automatically retrying because it's just going to fail anyway.
nm_settings_connection_set_autoconnect_retries (connection, 0);
/* Mark the connection as failed due to missing secrets so that we can
* automatically re-try when an secret agent registers.
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