Commit eb883e34 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Thomas Haller
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core: Add option to AddAndActivateConnection2 to bind the lifetime

This allows binding the lifetime of the created connection to the
existance of the requesting dbus client. This feature is useful if one
has a service specific connection (e.g. P2P wireless) which will not be
useful without the specific service.

This is simply a mechanism to ensure proper connection cleanup if the
requesting service has a failure.
parent 9cef6483
......@@ -129,6 +129,7 @@
parameters. At this time the following options are supported:
* persist: A string value of either "disk" (default), "memory" or "volatile". If "memory" is passed, the connection will not be saved to disk. If "volatile" is passed, the connection will not be saved to disk and will be destroyed when disconnected.
* bind: Bind the connections lifetime. Set to "dbus-name" to automatically disconnect when the requesting process disappears from the bus. The default of "none" means the connection is kept alive normally. If restricted, then persist must be set to "volatile".
<method name="AddAndActivateConnection2">
<arg name="connection" type="a{sa{sv}}" direction="in"/>
......@@ -1014,6 +1014,23 @@ nm_active_connection_set_parent (NMActiveConnection *self, NMActiveConnection *p
g_object_weak_ref ((GObject *) priv->parent, parent_destroyed, self);
* nm_active_connection_bind_dbus_client:
* @self: the #NMActiveConnection
* @dbus_client: The dbus client to watch.
* Binds the lifetime of this active connection to the given dbus client. If
* the dbus client disappears, then the connection will be disconnected.
nm_active_connection_bind_dbus_client (NMActiveConnection *self, GDBusConnection *dbus_con, const char *dbus_client)
NMActiveConnectionPrivate *priv = NM_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_GET_PRIVATE (self);
nm_keep_alive_set_dbus_client_watch (priv->keep_alive, dbus_con, dbus_client, NULL);
nm_keep_alive_sink (priv->keep_alive);
static void
......@@ -190,4 +190,8 @@ gboolean nm_active_connection_get_keep_alive (NMActiveConnection *self);
void nm_active_connection_clear_secrets (NMActiveConnection *self);
void nm_active_connection_bind_dbus_client (NMActiveConnection *self,
GDBusConnection *dbus_con,
const char *dbus_name);
......@@ -5224,7 +5224,7 @@ impl_manager_add_and_activate_connection (NMDBusObject *obj,
NMManager *self = NM_MANAGER (obj);
NMManagerPrivate *priv = NM_MANAGER_GET_PRIVATE (self);
gs_unref_object NMConnection *incompl_conn = NULL;
NMActiveConnection *active = NULL;
gs_unref_object NMActiveConnection *active = NULL;
gs_unref_object NMAuthSubject *subject = NULL;
GError *error = NULL;
NMDevice *device = NULL;
......@@ -5235,6 +5235,7 @@ impl_manager_add_and_activate_connection (NMDBusObject *obj,
const char *specific_object_path;
gs_free NMConnection **conns = NULL;
NMSettingsConnectionPersistMode persist = NM_SETTINGS_CONNECTION_PERSIST_MODE_DISK;
const char *bind_lifetime = "none";
if (g_strcmp0 (method_info->, "AddAndActivateConnection2") == 0)
g_variant_get (parameters, "(@a{sa{sv}}&o&o@a{sv})", &settings, &device_path, &specific_object_path, &options);
......@@ -5270,6 +5271,19 @@ impl_manager_add_and_activate_connection (NMDBusObject *obj,
goto error;
} else if ((g_strcmp0 (option_name, "bind") == 0) &&
g_variant_is_of_type (option_value, G_VARIANT_TYPE_STRING)) {
s = g_variant_get_string (option_value, NULL);
if (!NM_IN_STRSET (s, "dbus-client", "none")) {
error = g_error_new_literal (NM_MANAGER_ERROR,
"Option \"bind\" must be one of \"dbus-client\" or \"none\".");
goto error;
bind_lifetime = s;
} else {
/* Unknown argument */
error = g_error_new_literal (NM_MANAGER_ERROR,
......@@ -5350,6 +5364,13 @@ impl_manager_add_and_activate_connection (NMDBusObject *obj,
if (!active)
goto error;
if (g_strcmp0 (bind_lifetime, "dbus-client") == 0) {
goto error;
nm_active_connection_bind_dbus_client (active, dbus_connection, sender);
nm_active_connection_authorize (active,
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