Commit e8df700c authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

bluetooth: fix handling of ModemManager restarts

When built with MM1 support, the restart handling code here would
fail for both old MM and new MM.  The code should ignore the
name owner change even if the incoming bus name is *neither*
old MM nor new MM.  It wasn't doing that.
parent ddbb13bc
......@@ -1150,13 +1150,12 @@ mm_name_owner_changed (NMDBusManager *dbus_mgr,
gboolean new_owner_good;
/* Can't handle the signal if its not from the modem service */
if (strcmp (MM_OLD_DBUS_SERVICE, name) != 0)
if ( strcmp (MM_OLD_DBUS_SERVICE, name) != 0
if (strcmp (MM_NEW_DBUS_SERVICE, name) != 0)
&& strcmp (MM_NEW_DBUS_SERVICE, name) != 0
old_owner_good = (old_owner && strlen (old_owner));
new_owner_good = (new_owner && strlen (new_owner));
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