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doc: update code style docs

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......@@ -17,3 +17,25 @@ with #ifdef MY_DEFINE / #endif in the code.
* Keep a space between the function name and the opening '('.
GOOD: g_strdup (x)
BAD: g_strdup(x)
* C-style comments, except for FIXMEs.
GOOD: f(x); /* comment */
BAD: f(x); // comment
GOOD: // FIXME: juice the gooblygok
BAD: /* FIXME: juice the gooblygok */
* Keep assignments in the variable declaration area pretty short.
GOOD: MyObject *object;
BAD: MyObject *object = complex_and_long_init_function(arg1, arg2, arg3);
* 80-cols is a guideline, don't make the code uncomfortable in order to fit in
less than 80 cols.
* Constants are CAPS_WITH_UNDERSCORES and use the preprocessor.
GOOD: #define MY_CONSTANT 42
BAD: static const unsigned myConstant = 42;
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