Commit e80fc056 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

manager: fix assumption of child connections with autoconnect=no

During startup, when a link is detected (enp0s25 in the example below)
we try to create also virtual devices (ipip1) on it through
system_create_virtual_device(), however this realizes only devices for
connections which can autoactivate.

To support the assumption of child devices with autoconnect=no, we
should take in consideration in retry_connections_for_parent_device()
only connections for which the link does not exist, and let existing
links be handled by platform_link_added(), which also realizes them.

 $ nmcli c add type ip-tunnel ifname ipip1 con-name ipip1+ autoconnect no \
               mode ipip remote dev enp0s25 ip4
 $ nmcli c up ipip1+
 $ systemctl restart NetworkManager

 * before: ipip1+ is not assumed, ipip1 is not present in 'nmcli d' output
 * after:  ipip1+ is assumed, ipip1 detected
parent a939a665
......@@ -1136,11 +1136,19 @@ retry_connections_for_parent_device (NMManager *self, NMDevice *device)
connections = nm_settings_get_connections (priv->settings);
for (iter = connections; iter; iter = g_slist_next (iter)) {
NMConnection *candidate = iter->data;
gs_free_error GError *error = NULL;
gs_free char *ifname = NULL;
NMDevice *parent;
parent = find_parent_device_for_connection (self, candidate, NULL);
if (parent == device)
connection_changed (priv->settings, candidate, self);
if (parent == device) {
/* Only try to activate devices that don't already exist */
ifname = nm_manager_get_connection_iface (self, candidate, &parent, &error);
if (ifname) {
if (!nm_platform_link_get_by_ifname (NM_PLATFORM_GET, ifname))
connection_changed (priv->settings, candidate, self);
g_slist_free (connections);
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