Commit d0b16b92 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

device: unconditionally reapply IP configuration on link up

Consider the situation in which ipv4.method=auto and there is an
address configured. Also, the DHCP timeout is long and there is no
DHCP server. If the link is brought down temporarily, the prefix route
for the static address is lost and not restored by NM because we
reapply the IP configuration only when the IP state is DONE.

The same can happen also for IPv6, but in that case also static IPv6
addresses are lost.

We should always reapply the IP configuration when the link goes up.
parent 4735d676
......@@ -3890,17 +3890,13 @@ device_link_changed (NMDevice *self)
if (priv->up && (!was_up || seen_down)) {
/* the link was down and just came up. That happens for example, while changing MTU.
* We must restore IP configuration. */
if (priv->ip_state_4 == NM_DEVICE_IP_STATE_DONE) {
if (!ip_config_merge_and_apply (self, AF_INET, TRUE))
_LOGW (LOGD_IP4, "failed applying IP4 config after link comes up again");
priv->linklocal6_dad_counter = 0;
if (priv->ip_state_6 == NM_DEVICE_IP_STATE_DONE) {
if (!ip_config_merge_and_apply (self, AF_INET6, TRUE))
_LOGW (LOGD_IP6, "failed applying IP6 config after link comes up again");
if (update_unmanaged_specs)
nm_device_set_unmanaged_by_user_settings (self);
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