Commit d082af6b authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

n-acd: better handle interfaces going temporarily down

NM sometimes brings an interface temporarily down (for example to
change a VLAN MAC to align it to the parent interface's one). When
this happens, any recv() or send() in n-acd fails, the n-acd instance
is reset to the initial state and a DOWN event is reported to the
manager, which currently does not handle it. The result is an
inconsistent state.

There is no simple way of dealing with the DOWN event in the
manager. What we can do instead is to:

 - ignore errors during recv() because there is really nothing we can
   do, except for waiting timeouts to expire;

 - during probe, ignore errors during send() so that we don't exceed
   the probe timeout;

 - during announcement, retry after a send() error to ensure we send
   all 3 announcements.
parent 2f4b3392
......@@ -534,7 +534,11 @@ static int n_acd_handle_timeout(NAcd *acd) {
r = n_acd_send(acd, NULL);
if (r < 0)
* During probe we must respect the total timeout and so
* we ignore errors caused by a down interface.
if (r < 0 && r != -N_ACD_E_DOWN)
return r;
if (++acd->n_iteration >= N_ACD_RFC_PROBE_NUM)
......@@ -559,10 +563,18 @@ static int n_acd_handle_timeout(NAcd *acd) {
r = n_acd_send(acd, &acd->config.ip);
if (r < 0)
return r;
if (r < 0) {
if (r != -N_ACD_E_DOWN)
return r;
* We want to send all the 3 announcements even if the
* interface goes temporarily down. Therefore, if send()
* fails, don't increment the iteration and try again.
} else
if (++acd->n_iteration < N_ACD_RFC_ANNOUNCE_NUM) {
if (acd->n_iteration < N_ACD_RFC_ANNOUNCE_NUM) {
* Announcements are always scheduled according to the
* time-intervals specified in the spec. We always use
......@@ -810,14 +822,12 @@ static int n_acd_dispatch_socket(NAcd *acd, struct epoll_event *event) {
return -EIO;
} else if (errno == ENETDOWN || errno == ENXIO) {
* We get ENETDOWN if the network-device goes down or is
* removed. ENXIO might happen on async send-operations if the
* network-device was unplugged and thus the kernel is no
* longer aware of it.
* In any case, we do not allow proceeding with this socket. We
* stop the engine and notify the user gracefully.
* The network device went down or was removed. Ignore
* such errors and let the pending probe time out.
* Subsequent reads will simply return EAGAIN until the
* device is up again and has data queued.
return -N_ACD_E_DOWN;
return 0;
} else if (errno == EAGAIN) {
* We cannot read data from the socket (we got EAGAIN). As a safety net
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