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NetworkManager-1.5.3 (Development Snapshot)
NetworkManager-1.5.90 (1.6-rc1)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.4
......@@ -56,6 +56,21 @@ Notable changes included in this snapshot so far include:
* Added the support for DHCPV6_HOSTNAME and DHCPV6_SEND_HOSTNAME keys in
ifcfg files that control "dhcp-hostname" and "dhcp-send-hostname"
properties of the "ipv6" setting.
* Added initial support for PKCS#11 tokens with 802.1x authentication.
* The stable-addressing for MAC address randomization and RFC7217 IPv6 stable
privacy addressing can now be more flexibly configured using dynamic
randomization seeds in "connection.stable-id".
See "examples/nm-conf.d/30-anon.conf" for example use.
* Added support for managing the MACsec links. Requires support in
wpa_supplicant (version newer than 2.6).
* When the master of Team, Bridge and Bond devices is specified as a connection
UUID, the ifcfg-rh plugin now writes the master connection's interface name
into the ifcfg file for improved compatibility with the legacy network service.
* Improve handling of MTU by resetting the previous MTU when the device deactivates
and reset the MTU to a defined value on activation.
* Improve tracking of parent devices for dependend devices like ip-tunnels, MACVLAN,
* Many bug fixes and improvements
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