Commit c3c251ea authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

default-route-manager: alyways force a sync of the default route

Whenever we call update for a non-assumed, synced route, we must
force a resync with the platform. Even if according to our internal
book-keeping the route is already configured, the route may have
been removed externally. So we cannot assume that everything is
still up-to-date.
parent 0057dc33
......@@ -522,8 +522,6 @@ _resync_all (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self, const Entry *c
for (i = 0; i < entries->len; i++) {
entry = g_ptr_array_index (entries, i);
g_assert (entry != old_entry);
if (entry->never_default)
......@@ -578,12 +576,15 @@ _resync_all (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self, const Entry *c
/* for the changed entry, the previous metric was either old_entry->effective_metric,
* or none. Hence, we only have to remember what is going to change. */
g_array_append_val (changed_metrics, expected_metric);
if (old_entry) {
if (!old_entry) {
_LOG2D (vtable, i, entry, "sync:add %s (%u)",
vtable->vt->route_to_string (&entry->route, NULL, 0), (guint) expected_metric);
} else if (old_entry != changed_entry) {
_LOG2D (vtable, i, entry, "sync:update %s (%u -> %u)",
vtable->vt->route_to_string (&entry->route, NULL, 0), (guint) old_entry->effective_metric,
(guint) expected_metric);
} else {
_LOG2D (vtable, i, entry, "sync:add %s (%u)",
_LOG2D (vtable, i, entry, "sync:resync %s (%u)",
vtable->vt->route_to_string (&entry->route, NULL, 0), (guint) expected_metric);
} else if (entry->effective_metric != expected_metric) {
......@@ -661,7 +662,11 @@ _entry_at_idx_update (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self, guint
entry->effective_metric = entry->route.rx.metric;
_LOG2D (vtable, entry_idx, entry, "%s %s (%"G_GUINT32_FORMAT")",
old_entry ? "record:update" : "record:add ",
? (entry != old_entry
? "record:update"
: "record:resync")
: "record:add ",
vtable->vt->route_to_string (&entry->route, NULL, 0),
......@@ -698,7 +703,9 @@ _entry_at_idx_remove (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self, guint
static void
_ipx_update_default_route (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self, gpointer source)
_ipx_update_default_route (const VTableIP *vtable,
NMDefaultRouteManager *self,
gpointer source)
NMDefaultRouteManagerPrivate *priv;
Entry *entry;
......@@ -863,12 +870,18 @@ _ipx_update_default_route (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self,
new_entry.never_default = never_default;
new_entry.synced = synced;
if (memcmp (entry, &new_entry, sizeof (new_entry)) == 0)
old_entry = *entry;
*entry = new_entry;
_entry_at_idx_update (vtable, self, entry_idx, &old_entry);
if (memcmp (entry, &new_entry, sizeof (new_entry)) == 0) {
if (!synced) {
/* the internal book-keeping doesn't change, so don't do a full
* sync of the configured routes. */
_entry_at_idx_update (vtable, self, entry_idx, entry);
} else {
old_entry = *entry;
*entry = new_entry;
_entry_at_idx_update (vtable, self, entry_idx, &old_entry);
} else {
/* delete */
_entry_at_idx_remove (vtable, self, entry_idx);
......@@ -876,13 +889,15 @@ _ipx_update_default_route (const VTableIP *vtable, NMDefaultRouteManager *self,
nm_default_route_manager_ip4_update_default_route (NMDefaultRouteManager *self, gpointer source)
nm_default_route_manager_ip4_update_default_route (NMDefaultRouteManager *self,
gpointer source)
_ipx_update_default_route (&vtable_ip4, self, source);
nm_default_route_manager_ip6_update_default_route (NMDefaultRouteManager *self, gpointer source)
nm_default_route_manager_ip6_update_default_route (NMDefaultRouteManager *self,
gpointer source)
_ipx_update_default_route (&vtable_ip6, self, source);
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